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How do I calculate my class rank?

Your class rank is the numerical place that your grades stand in comparison to the rest of the students in your class. In order to calculate your high school class rank, you will need your current GPA, the GPA of your classmates, and the number of students in your class. Most of the time, your academic advisor or counselor will have this information available to you, and can help you calculate your class rank.

Your class rank can also be used towards determining your NAIA Eligibility.

Many colleges want to see your class rank as part of their admission requirements. If your GPA is higher than some of your classmates, you would have a high ranking than they would, and be placed in a higher percentile. While a GPA does give a very good indication of what kind of student you are, colleges are also interested in knowing where you stand against your classmates. Obviously, like your GPA, the higher the better.

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