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What if I am home-schooled?


The NCAA allows home-schooled student-athletes the opportunity to compete at the NCAA Division 1, 2 or 3 levels. There are several steps that must be taken to be eligible to compete in the NCAA as a home-schooled student. To view resources go to, click the link for “NCAA College-Bound Student-Athlete,” then choose the “Resources” tab. Under the “Resources” tab you should see an option for “Home School Students.”

You must:
· Register with the NCAA Eligibility Center at
· Pay the Fee.
· Submit your standardized test score, SAT or ACT directly through the testing agency. If you haven’t taken a standardized test yet, you can use the code 9999 to add the Eligibility Center as a test recipient to have your score sent directly to them.

The Next four steps must be done in order:
· Submit your home school transcripts, including: course titles, grades, units of credit for each course, grading scale (if numeric grades are awarded), and a signature of your home school administrator.
· Evidence your home schooling was done according to state laws. To prove this you’ll need to submit a signed written statement from your home school administrator, and any supporting documents that are necessary.
· A signed statement from the manager of the home school program. The manager is the person responsible for evaluating coursework, grading and issuing credit.
· Submit a list of textbooks used during home schooling. For each book, give the Eligibility Center the book’s title, publisher or ISBN, and which course it was used for.

· Transcript from any other high school or college you attended.
· Proof of high school graduation, including graduation date.

Are you ready for the NEXT STEP!