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Do I have to sign an NLI if I have made a verbal commitment?

That depends on which institution you plan on attending. A verbal commitment is stating your intention to enroll in a particular school, and that school’s promise to give you financial aid but it is not official. It is a non-binding oral agreement between you and the university. An NLI is an official binding agreement that you sign as a commitment to a school in exchange for financial aid. It is a binding agreement that you will attend that school for at least a year and cannot be recruited by another school.

Since a verbal commitment is not binding, it is possible for a student-athlete to verbally commit to one school but sign an NLI with another. This is because the NLI program doesn’t recognize a verbal commitment. A high school athlete who has made a verbal commitment can still be recruited by other schools. An athlete who has signed an NLI cannot be recruited anymore. A school can also make a verbal agreement with a student then turn around and offer an NLI to another. It is important to recognize which agreement you have entered in and not lose out on a scholarship opportunity with another college.

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