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Can I combine my athletic and academic scholarship?

Absolutely. There are many high school athletes who earn both academic and athletic scholarships and are able to combine both for a larger financial aid package.

It happens most often with good students who want to attend colleges that can’t afford to give them a significant athletic scholarship. That’s why it’s so important to be a strong athlete and a successful student.

There are minimum academic standards you must meet. They are a 3.5 GPA, top 20% of your class, 1140 on the SAT (Math and Reading only) and 10 on the ACT (composite). You will also need to maintain a 3.3 GPA in college. These are the minimums and but do not guarantee a scholarship.

There are some college programs that don’t offer athletic scholarships or may not have limited funds available to you. That’s where academic scholarships can help fill the void in your financial aid. Scholarships are yearly contracts. That means it’s always possible to increase your scholarship if you prove to be successful in both the classroom and the playing field at the college level.

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