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Can I get an athletic scholarship in multiple sports?

It is possible to earn an athletic scholarship for more than one sport. It doesn’t happen very often, especially at the NCAA Division I level. There are more athletes who compete in more than one sport at the Division 2, 3 and NAIA levels.

Having the skill and flexibility to compete in multiple sports in high school is very attractive to college coaches. You have a wider variation of physical strengths and techniques and are trained to be in competition for a majority of the year. However, being involved in more than one sport is also time-consuming, which means you need to have strong time-management skills.

Succeeding in school is much more important than dominating in multiple sports. High school athletes also need to be aware of their physical and mental limits. There is more stress for athletes in multiple sports. If an athlete struggles with the balance, his performance may suffer in his sport and in the classroom.

As a high school recruit, it’s a great benefit to participate in multiple sports. In some cases, a student-athlete may have to choose just one if they want to be able to focus on their development.

Make sure to take the time to think about which sport you love the most, even if you are better in another. Without the passion to play, the rigorous schedule of competition in college won’t be a fulfilling experience for an athlete.

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