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Am I allowed to transfer?

Student-athletes are allowed to transfer to a different school. In some cases, however, there might be a penalty and you will have to sit out of competition for a year, depending on your eligibility and where you are transferring to.

If you have been enrolled full-time at a 2-year or 4-year school, shown up for practice with the team, or have practiced/played while being enrolled part-time at college, then you are considered a transfer athlete. As you look into transferring, make sure you know which rules apply to your eligibility. You need to determine whether you’re a qualifier, a partial qualifier, or a non- qualifier–this will determine how many seasons of competition you have available.

Updating your information in your NCAA Eligibility Center profile will help you determine your transfer status and what kind of qualifier you are , although D3 schools do not require registration with the Eligibility Center.

To find out more about your transfer options, visit the NCAA Transfer Guide on their website.

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