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Does NCSA Really Work?

[NOTE:, BeRecruited, and NCSA are all part of a team of business partners working together to help student-athletes discover their best path to college]

A question we often hear about the college recruiting process is whether a student-athlete should trust paid recruiting services like NCSA, often because a careful search can come up with some strange reviews of NCSA.

The short answer is this: If you’re a student-athlete looking for opportunities to play in college, using a paid recruiting service can absolutely help you find a sports scholarship. There are costs involved, scroll down to the bottom of the page for a link that details the different packages and costs of the recruiting packages on offer from the NCSA.

While some paid recruiting services are smaller, local-based companies, national recruiting services like NCSA can help you find opportunities outside of your regional colleges and universities. But the range of NCSA reviews can be confusing and possibly make you wonder if NCSA is legit.

This type of recruiting company operates by matching student-athlete profiles with college coaches’ information to help you understand what kind of opportunities you’d qualify for, which helps you take the guesswork out of the sports recruiting process. Because of the size of companies like NCSA, they’ll also help you look outside the normal schools you might be looking at.

Athletes who are proactive in large recruiting networks like NCSA don’t just rely on the service to do the work for them, but reach out to college coaches and use the paid products and services as tools to help them discover new opportunities.

Thinking about NCSA scams is like wondering why being on Facebook doesn’t get you more friends; college-bound student-athletes need to use this kind of platform smartly to get the biggest booth in their search for scholarships.

Recruiting services like NCSA are legit for student-athletes

There are a lot of hyperbolic rumors saying that recruiting companies like NCSA scam student-athletes and their families for a lot of money, which we have found to be untrue. Whether it’s BeRecruited, NCSA or other digital platforms, you are able to put your athletic profile into a database where college coaches can search for you.

Complaints to consumer organisation like the Better Business Bureau (BBB) are invariably from athletes and parents who did not get the result they wanted. NCSA reviews that you read online have to be read in context, you rarely see reviews from happy customers.

Additionally, paid services like NCSA offer step-by-step education, resources, and one-on-one consultations about your recruiting process. A lot of student-athletes benefit from online coaching clinics where NCSA reviews specifics of the college recruiting process and all of the intricate details of the NCAA regulations.

There are big differences between free do-it-yourself networks and premium, full-service recruiting, so keep that in mind when you’re reading NCSA reviews.

How much does the NCSA cost?