College Volleyball Camps

If You Want to play College Volleyball You Must Attend College Volleyball Camps

A college volleyball camp is a great way to be seen in action by college volleyball coaches. So while you fine-tune your skills at a summer volleyball recruiting showcase, you may just earn a scholarship as well.

There really is no downside to attending volleyball camp. Even if you don’t land that scholarship at your first camp, you will learn what it takes to get there in the future. is here to guide you every step of the way. All you have to do is click the athlete or parent button on the left to get started.

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Many college coaches will advise you that if you are serious about playing college volleyball, you should play in a league all year round. Even if it is beach volleyball or a two-man game, this will help your development as a player.

Your camp coach may also ask if you are in some sort of jumping program. Jumping rope is a good place to start. They may also want to know if you play other sports because most believe the cross-training is good for volleyball.

Once you’re at college volleyball camp, it’s time to take your game to a new level. You will learn everything from defensive stance to proper technique on the jump serve.

After a review of the fundamentals, your college volleyball camp coaches will want to discuss footwork and posture and transitioning skills. You can be sure there will be drills to ensure you have the same contact point every time you hit the ball.

Whether you’re a setter, an outside hitter, or even a defensive specialist, the ability to focus will be a key to success as you progress in your volleyball career. Remaining confident and free of distractions can lead to peak performance, and your instructor will give you these tools.

The real fun begins when you can move beyond the basics and learn about ball control, keeping the ball in play or hitter coverage. As you discuss angles of approach and stack blocking, the game of volleyball becomes more cerebral and not just a physical exercise.

Now you start to learn strategy, different formations, maybe even the implications of deflecting the ball from different positions on the floor. Soon you’re anticipating an opponent’s shot and being more creative in your attacks.

As long as you learn from your mistakes, you will continue to get better and better, and this is all any coach can hope for. Next thing you know you’re swinging with power and accuracy you’ve never seen before.

The more volleyball you play, the better you get. As performance barriers continue to fall under the weight of your improved volleyball play, the coach may take it up a notch.

Practices may become more aggressive with simulated high-stress situations meant to bring the team together. A team that plays together and can make it through adversity together will win championships together.

But you have to get there first. is here to help. Just click on the athlete or parent button below, and our volleyball recruiting experts will help you get started.

Author: David Frank