The Athletic Scholarships Sports Recruiting Advantage

At Athletic Scholarships Sports Recruiting Service we specialize in maximizing your exposure, providing you with opportunities to play college sports and gain an athletic scholarship. You will have our professional knowledge, guidance and expertise to help you throughout the entire recruiting process. 

What we do is build your athletic and academic resume with all your results and the information coaches need to know in order to recruit you. Together we will develop your recruiting game plan and we can target your resume towards particular schools, states, or send your resume nation-wide maximizing your exposure.  Your resume gets sent directly to college coaches ensuring every coach will know your name.

When you sign-up with our college sports recruiting service you will also be given a personal expert recruiting coach who will guide you through the recruiting process and help you with all recruiting matters. Our recruiting coaches are here to:

  • Ensure that you are taking the right steps to play college sports
  • Help you understand ‘coach speak’ and determine which schools are interested in recruiting you
  • Instructing you on how to best communicate with the coaches
  • Continue to send your updated resume to coaches as you progress both athletically and academically
  • Guide you through the scholarship decision making process
  • Be a resource for you while you are at college

Our service cost is a one-time fee of $595.00 US. We pride ourselves on working very closely with our student athletes and their families to get the best possible results. Your success is our success! 

If you are left alone throughout the recruiting process you will not find the opportunities you deserve, and miss out on scholarship offers that you would have been awarded had you used our service.

Author: David Frank

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