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Attend a College Field Hockey Summer Camp to Improve Your Chances of Being Recruited

A hundred years ago, field hockey was considered the “only proper sport for women.” While women have certainly made their mark since then in a wide variety of athletic endeavors, field hockey has continued to grow in popularity as evidenced by the many summer field hockey camps held throughout the country.

Attending an elite college field hockey showcase is a great way to be seen by college field hockey coaches. So if you want to play collegiate field hockey on scholarship, you should seriously consider going to a college field hockey camp. specializes in helping aspiring college field hockey players get a college scholarship. To learn more about college field hockey recruiting and how to get the attention of coaches, simply click on the parent or athlete button on the left, and we’ll help you get started.

There are quite a few different college field hockey camps. If you want to play at the collegiate level, you will want to choose one of the intense, elite-level camps that are demanding and highly structured.

At these high-level camps, you will receive one-on-one instruction and a written performance evaluation. This will help you identify your strengths as a player as well as areas for improvement.
Many expert coaches will conduct video-analysis sessions. You can expect to spend time discussing situational decision making, while points are demonstrated under small game conditions. Ultimately, you will put what you’ve learned to the test in full-field games.

As with any camp, there will be rotating stations where new individual skills are introduced and old ones are fine-tuned. For instance, one station will be devoted to developing better footwork, and another will be all about improving your stick handling.

While developing the fundamentals is a key to success in any sport, field hockey coaches will delve into offensive and defensive tactics, game strategies, and positional changes. There may even be a session devoted exclusively to how to effectively communicate with your teammates on and off the field.

Eventually, you will be separated into groups based on your position—forwards, backs, wings, goalies. Some will learn how to score more goals by developing better shooting technique, while a goalie might work on positioning and better net awareness.

Winning a college field hockey scholarship comes down to training smarter and getting yourself in front of college field hockey coaches. A college field hockey camp accomplishes both of these things.

Field hockey is the second most popular team sport in the world after soccer. And like soccer, it has continuous action, so you have to stay in top physical condition.

So think hard about attending a field hockey camp being held on a college campus. When you leave, you’ll have the tools to develop more power and stamina, a better understanding of the game and its history, and you will even be able to use your speed to more effectively attack, keep possession, or control the ball. is here to help you achieve all of your field hockey goals. To learn more, simply click the athlete or parent button on your left.

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