College Baseball Camps

Improve Your Chances of Landing a Baseball Scholarship by Attending a College Baseball Showcase Camp

College baseball camps are a great way for high school baseball players to get noticed by college coaches. College baseball recruiting camps allow players to showcase their skills and talents for dozens and sometimes over a hundred coaches and scouts in one setting. Baseball camps, they are available winter, spring, summer or fall all over the country.

Whether it’s a one-day baseball camp or a four-day college baseball showcase with overnight stays, you can be sure that you will return home a much-improved baseball player.

We can help you get started. Create a free recruiting profile and help coaches find you. Once they know who you are, they can invite you to their baseball camps.

Many of the year-round college baseball camp destinations are in warm weather locations like Florida or San Diego. This allows some families to mix baseball camps with family fun at places like Sea World or Disneyland.

You will have the opportunity at many college baseball camps to interact with current and former professional players who work at the camp as coaches. What better way to develop your game than private one-on-one instruction from a major leaguer?

Most baseball college showcases will focus on three things. First and foremost you will do drills that will allow you to fine tune your fundamentals. Second, you will get game experience. And the third thing is that you will have the opportunity to show what you can do and be evaluated by the college coaches who can give you a scholarship.

While many baseball showcase camps are available only to high school upper-classmen, there are also high school baseball showcases and baseball combines that cater to serious baseballers in middle school to seniors in high school. Getting an early jump in the process will help get you noticed by college baseball coaches and you’ll be one step closer to earning that college baseball scholarship.

Unlike football and basketball, most college baseball scholarships are partial scholarships, usually broken down by the school covering a percentage of costs—say half—and the player’s family covering the rest. But let’s face it: Half of what could be tens of thousands of dollars annually is still quite a saving!

What can a college baseball camp offer beyond instruction in hitting, throwing, base-running and invaluable game experience? How about motivation?

It is hard to overestimate the value of expert coaching. But there are times when just a few words of encouragement from a highly respected coach can make all the difference to a young man trying to make his mark in the baseball world. These coaches live and breathe baseball and they pride themselves on sharing hard-won insider secrets with another generation of baseball players.
While some coaches may have been great players there will be many others who simply love the game and want to share their knowledge with others.

There are many high school baseball showcases and baseball combines that you can also attend, ask your high school baseball coach for more information.

Written by David Frank