How the Family Environment Affects a Child’s Eduction

The child and the family will always be the core of any societal structure. Moreover, the child and the family should be the foundation in any successful education.

It is unfortunate that, as the government seeks more and more control over the child and the family, the end result has been fewer families. In fact, more than ever, the child and the family become increasingly obsolete, as the government makes policies that compel the people to make choices that are not in their long-term interest.

How do they do this? A progressive income tax is just one policy that hurts the child and the family. High taxes push women into the workforce, and every reputable study ever done shows that the child and the family unit thrive when a mother is at home with her children.

As children grow, they need to form a significant bond with their parents. As the child and the family separate, the ability of that child to bond with other human beings is diminished.

What is the result to a society when the child and the family do not have a deep bond? The divorce rate soars, or better yet for the unwittingly destructive social engineers, people just don’t parent them in any coherent way, and they certainly don’t raise them in a secure environment.

The number of children in day care is exploding, and we are seeing the child and the family structure break down. A child no longer has his parents as his primary relationship—they often become two ships passing in the night.

When this child reaches the difficult teen years and there is no strong bond with the parents, these years become even more chaotic. Without the child and family bond, teen pregnancy, suicide, drug use, and alcohol abuse increase dramatically.

But as the government nanny state tentacles expand, it can use all these social problems it helped create to increase the size and scope of its reach. And the beat goes on as the child and family relationship weakens and, ultimately, is abandoned completely.

This brings us full circle and back to the child and the family and education. It is imperative that the parents infuse the child and the family with their values and not those of the school.

Schools cannot effectively teach morality nor should they. Children must learn morality inside the family.

But what if there is no family? Schools and the government and the media would have you believe that all families are equal when this is simply not the case. Again, teaching self-esteem over substance trumps the truth.

The fact is that virtually every man in prison was raised by a single mother. And yet the media will tell you that the child and the family are served just as well by any family structure.

The government and the media, and by extension the schools, teach that marriage is just another lifestyle. You have to ask yourself why the state offers more support for unmarried mothers than married ones. It seems that the state would like to remake the child and the family in its own image.

Moral and Spiritual Values in Public Schools

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