Boston College Athletic Scholarships

Founded by the Society of Jesus in 1863, Boston College is a private Jesuit Catholic University located in Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts. It offers both undergraduate and graduate courses in over 50 fields of study in 8 different schools, among them arts and sciences, management, education, advancing studies, nursing, law school, theology and ministry, as well as social work. With a 32% acceptance rate, this co-ed institution of over 14,000 is composed of top-quality students from all over the country. Boston College has high educational standards by maintaining its low faculty to student ratio at 1:14 despite recent growth and an increase in enrollment. Indeed, Boston College is a competitive institution for those who would like to strive for excellence.

Athletics Department at Boston College

The athletics department at Boston College offers comprehensive sports programs and support services for student-athletes. The athletic facilities at Boston College are numerous to accommodate the wide range of sports offered by the department. Complete with a football stadium, hockey arena, lacrosse and soccer field, baseball diamond, and practice facility for varsity sports, student-athletes have a place to practice and compete.

Extensive student services are available for career development, academic support, personal development, athletic development, as well as opportunities to engage in community service on and off campus. The Student-Athlete Development Program also supports current athletes by providing former BC Eagles as mentors.

Athletic Programs at Boston College

The athletics department offers 14 men’s varsity sports and 17 women’s varsity sports. A total of 700 student-athletes compete in intercollegiate sports, while over 700 students are involved in 21 club sports and another 3,000 in intramural sports. Varsity sports at Boston College go beyond the traditional college sports to include sailing, skiing, ice hockey, fencing, among others.

In order to qualify for the teams, prospective student-athletes must fulfill all the NCAA Eligibility Center certification standards, which include the submission of SAT scores. The selectivity of Boston College’s Athletic Department is to ensure that the teams are composed of strong and capable athletes who are able to take on the challenge of competition.

Official Sports Team: Eagles
The Boston College Eagles compete regularly in the NCAA as members of the Atlantic Coast Conference. The BC Eagles have a long record of success and its players continue to shine in their respective sports. The Eagles have produced professional athletes who have moved on to become NFL football players and compete in the Super Bowl. The BC Eagles hold five national championships in NCAA Ice Hockey and six national championships in sailing.
Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Boston College
Boston College supports its students financially and is one of the very few institutions that meet the financial needs of all accepted students. The majority of students – 70% – receive financial aid. In the past 10 years, students at Boston College have received over 200 prestigious scholarships, including 9 Goldwaters, 2 Rhodes scholarships, 4 Marshalls, and 162 Fullbright grants.

Boston College has an extensive list of endowed athletics scholarships to ensure that student-athletes receive sufficient financial support to complete their studies. Over 100 endowed athletic scholarships for student-athletes who are exemplary specified varsity sports. In addition, for student-athletes who would like to pursue a graduate-level education, scholarships through the Atlantic Coast Conference and NCAA are available. The Pat Thacker Award and the Weaver-James-Corrigan Award, both prestigious athletic scholarships, are available to student-athletes who have demonstrated the true meaning of excellence in both their academic studies and their sport.

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