Bluefield College Athletic Scholarships

Bluefield College is passionate in incorporating Christian values with its academic program. As a Christian school they aim to produce graduates that do not only display excellence in academics but is also keen on community service. Located in Bluefield, Virginia, they are a relatively small institution that offers around 44 academic programs and online degree programs. They support their students’ desire to transfer to universities in or outside of the state and across the globe.

Athletics Department of Bluefield College

The Athletics Department of Bluefield College is in charge in developing sports programs, physical and intramural activities in the campus. They only employ staff members that have met their strict qualifications and share the same vision. Because of their efforts in promoting the participation in intramural sports, it became one of the most popular activities that students and staff look forward to each year. Member of their staff is noted for their dedication to properly organizing and monitoring each activity which ensures safety and fun for the participants. The student body is given a lot of options as they offer sports and activities on different levels.

Athletic Programs of Bluefield College

Bloomfield College presents a lot of Ahtletic Programs to their student-athletes. Each program is given much attention and team members enjoys the best training and support possible. The male athletes participate in Basketball, Football, Tennis, Baseball, Soccer, Golf, etc. while the women play in the fields of Volleyball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Soccer, Softball, Tennis and many more.

The coaches make sure that each student-athlete goes through comprehensive preparation and rehabilitation support. Aside from these, sports team members also give classes to educate them on how to prevent sports related injuries, proper conditioning and weight training as well as nutrition and dietetics.

Official Sports Team: Bluefield College Rams

The Rams are active members of several athletic associations in the United States. They actively participate in intercollegiate sports competitions but mainly competes with other colleges in the Mid-South Conference. The team has won a lot of honors and have gained recognition in their community and among other sports teams. Because of the support that are received from the Athletics Department. Ram members are well rounded and display a good sense of values and sportsmanship.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Bluefield College

Financial aid, loan grants and several types of scholarship programs are available to incoming and existing students at Bluefield College. Endowments are given based on the applicants academic and financial standings. They also offer several employment opportunities to assist students fund their college education. The college ensures that each request is provided attention and reviewed fairly. Should a student get disqualified, they help them find other options to assist in financing their education.

A student-athlete can seek recommendation from their coaches in order to apply for scholarship. They are required to have displayed great performance in both the field of play and academics. Grants given varies depending on the result of the application evaluation.

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