Blue Mountain Community College Athletic Scholarships

Blue Mountain Community College is situated in Pendleton, Oregon and has several other branches across the state. They offer comprehensive technical courses, college and transfer degrees as well as adult skills training. The school maintains a small number of students per class to ensure that each of them are provided the attention they need to learn. They offer tutoring services to assist stragglers and help student-athletes cope with the demands of their sports and academic needs.

Athletics Department of Blue Mountain Community College

The Depart of Athletics at Blue Mountain Community College encourages their students to participate in fitness, recreational and sporting activities. They strive to drive the importance of physical wellness to each individual and offer several programs that will suit the needs of each enrollee. They have an Athletic Complex that have its own weight room, training areas, swimming pool and a gymnasium. Aside from this, the Athletics Department actively recruits potential student-athletes by giving easy access to application details and forms and coaching staff that are determined to find qualified candidates to participate in their varsity and intramural sports activities. The department is dedicated in producing well-rounded athletes and physically fit students.

Athletic Programs of Blue Mountain Community College

The Blue Mountain Community College offers several Athletic Programs and has been devoted to ensuring that they provide comprehensive training to the members of their sports team. The offer varsity sports for men and women. Training for all the Athletic Program are overseen by competent coaches and staff of the Athletics Department.

They train male student athletes that complete on Rodeo, Baseball, Softball and Basketball while the women athletes participate in Volleyball and Basketball. The Blue Mountain Community College has always been eager to develop and enhance their Athletic Programs to ensure that members of the sports team are given the best opportunity for success in the field of play.

Official Sports Team: BMCC Timberwolves

The Timberwolves took pride in winning countless regional and national honors. Their dedication to rigorous training has qualified them to transfer and gain scholarships to four year institutions. They are known to display good sportsmanship, discipline and passion for their craft. While they take their games seriously, they are also aware of the importance of balancing their efforts and to focus not only in training but to be the best not only in the field they play in but also in academics.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships Blue Mountain Community College

In its effort to help its students acquire grants, Blue Mountain Community College regularly posts available scholarships whether it is sponsored by the school foundation or an external institution. They also provide job opportunities inside campus for students who are interested in acquiring work experience whilst still completing their course and earn an income to support their financial needs.

Student-athletes also have an option to apply for a scholarship to cover their tuition, fees and books. The application is open to members of the sports team that showed exemplary performance in the field of play and has maintained a good academic record. Interested parties will need to discuss their intent in obtaining endowments with the Athletics Department.

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