Blue Mountain College Athletic Scholarships

From their humble beginnings in 1873, Blue Mountain College was able to gradually increase the number of students they accept on an annual basis. Though they are considered as a small private school, they have produced graduates that continue to make the university proud.

Aside from their strong academic focus, the college is also noted for their strong Christian foundation. They currently offer undergraduate, online education and graduate programs and provides a personalized approach in learning by maintaining a small number of students per class.

Athletics Department of Blue Mountain College

The Blue Mountain Athletics Department engages students in intramural and recreational sports as well as fitness activities. In fact, about forty percent of their students partake in non varsity sporting games and recreational sports. They offer activities to entice both the male and female population of the college. Table Tennis, Swimming, Ultimate Frisbee, Tennis and Basketball are some of the sports available to both men and women students. The main goal of the Athletics Department is to develop teamwork and camaraderie amongst their learners and to enhance physical and mental strength. Aside from their existing facilities, the campus is also building a sports complex that will showcase several playing fields and courts.

Athletic Programs by Blue Mountain College

Basketball, Softball, Golf and Cross country are some of the Athletic Programs available to the female population of the college while Basketball, Golf, Baseball and Cross Country are offered to the male students of Blue Mountain College.

They have developed attractive training programs to attract students to participate in their athletic activities. The college is open to recruiting new members and is keen in ensuring that they are able to enlist the ones who have shown physical and mental strength. While they are keen in preparing student-athletes excel in the field of play they have chosen, it is important for them to have a balance between academics, sports and Christian growth.

Official Sports Team: BMC Toppers

The BMC Toppers participate in several athletic competitions throughout the year. Be it noted that their women’s basketball team holds a record for being awarded the Champions of Characters for seven successive years. This is living proof of their passion in making sure that they embody true sportsmanship and leadership on every line of sports they participate in. With their dedication and will, they have come a long way and has been recognized as one of the key participants in intercollegiate sports activities.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Blue Mountain College

In order to gain financial aids or scholarships in Blue Mountain College, the student needs to pass the requirements of the school and be acknowledged for admission. They offer a number grants like Endowed Scholarships, General Scholarships, Institutional Scholarships and Annual Scholarships to existing and incoming students.
By applying for an institutional scholarship, a student-athlete may gain assistance in completing their college education while participating in sporting activities. As of writing, Cross Country and Basketball are the only two sport that is covered by this grant. A student athlete needs to display expertise in these fields and should gain recommendation from their coaches.

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