Bethesda University of California Athletic Scholarships

Bethesda University was established in 1976 by David Yonggi Cho, as a Christian groundwork from Pentecostal Theology and is located in Anaheim, California, USA. Bethesda offers Bachelor of Arts in Religion, Early Childhood Education, Music, Design, Business Administration and Information Technology. Semestral System is adapted in the curriculum. Bethesda also offers certificates, undergraduate and graduate and Doctor of Ministry programs. They also provide online degree programs.

Bethesda produces leaders for the future with Christian values. The following accredited Bethesda, namely, the California Department of Education, BPPE and the Association for Biblical Higher Education (ABHE) and the Transnational Association of Christian Colleges & Schools (TRACS). Bethesda is the most renowned university which is Korean operated in California.

Athletics Department of Bethesda University of California

The total college experience would include a balance between classroom activities, inside out. The athletics department realizes the value of both academic and athletic aspects of learning. Sporting success is aimed but not at the expense of sacrificing values like sportsmanship, health & well being and sports ethics. Participation in intercollegiate activities grants the opportunities to travel to other schools, enhance leadership skills, and equality among gender while not neglecting academic success.

Athletic Programs of Bethesda University of California

Intercollegiate sports are the main student activity outside the classroom at Bethesda. The school is more of Christ centered community college and no known student organizations, clubs or intramural sport activities. The focus is more on theological seminars, bible or faith related activities.


The Flames are the official team of the Bethesda University competing in the National Christian Collegiate Athletic Association (NCCAA) Division I. The Flames play sports which include men’s baseball, basketball, and soccer while the women play soccer and basketball.

Guide to Athletic Scholarship at Bethesda University of California

Bethesda University provides different types of financial aid. These are Disbursement; Federal Pell Grant; Federal Subsidized & Unsubsidized loans; Direct PLUS Loans; and Scholarships. Scholarships are classified into Featured Scholarships, Religious scholarship, LVN or Nursing Scholarship and Foreign Student resources. An example of an athletic scholarship is the Student Athlete Milk Mustache of the year (SAMMY) awards. The criteria to qualify for a financial assistance are as follows, should be a US citizen, with valid social security number, with a high school diploma, and should be enrolled in the eligible program, with financial need, maintenance of SAP and not convicted of any drug related offense.

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