About Bennett College for Women

The Bennett College for Women in Greensboro, NC is a historically black women’s school that operates as a private educational institution. They offer four year programs in the fields of Arts Management, Elementary Education, Interdisciplinary Studies, Mathematics, Social Work, Biology, Chemistry, Special Education, Psychology, Visual and Performing Arts and many more. They also participate in a program that gives the course taker a dual degree in the field of Engineering.

Athletics Department of Bennett College for Women

The athletics department of the Bennett College for Women aims to develop useful skills and imprint them in the hearts of their students. Through their participation in sports, the student athletes are able to gain life experiences that will help them in achieving their goals in life. They do their best to support the needs of their players by gathering funds that is vital for financing their training and their needs while partaking in sports tournaments and with the other things they need on a day to day basis.

Athletic Programs of Bennett College for Women

The Bennett College for Women only has one sponsored Athletic Program: women’s basketball. Though this is the case, they have not announced any desire to add more sports in the near future. On top of this, they also offer intramural programs, recreational sports programs and fitness and wellness activities to the rest of the student population. With this, they are able to improve the college experience of the majority of their students.

Official Sports Team: Belles

The sports team of the Bennett College for Women is known as the Belles. They compete under the USCAA (United States Collegiate Athletic Association). Though the college only has one sports programs, their athletes have made a name for themselves because of their talents in and out of the field of play. In recent years, many of them received the All American award because of their good performance in sports and in academics.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Bennett College for Women

The Bennett College for Women knows that getting a college education may not be easy for some of their students and wishes to provide assistance in any way they can. For this reason, the Financial Aid Office works hard to help students with potential and with the need for financial assistance find the right program that will help them reach their goals in academics. Currently, the college offers assistance in applying for a grant, scholarship, or a work-study program.

Because of their efforts, a huge number of their student population is able to gather the needed support in meeting the needed amount to support their education.

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