Baton Rouge Community College

The Baton Rouge Community College in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is a community college that offers two year post college programs and currently have a student population of 7000. Though they only started operations in 1995, they have several affiliations from four year institutions and has the ability to seamlessly transfer their students after they have finished their programs. Their academic programs include: Liberal Arts, Nursing, Process Technology, General Education, Allied Health, Science, Engineering, Technology and Math.

Athletics Department of Baton Rouge Community College

The athletics department of the Baton Rouge Community College is focused on producing winning athletes that will show their strengths in both athletics and academics. Though they are new to the world of intercollegiate sports, they aim to train and enhance the talents of their student-athletes for them to be able to transfer to four year institutions and continue playing the sports they are a part of.

Currently, the college is working on their sports team website which is planned to be operational by August of 2014. This has been done to give their fans and students a better access to the updates and upcoming events.

Athletic Programs of Baton Rouge Community College

The Baton Rouge Community College has three sponsored athletic programs: men’s basketball, baseball and women’s basketball. Because they started their sports programs in the late 1990’s, they college is still developing the strengths of their current teams. Though this is the case, they have been open to the idea of adding more sports in their list in the near future. To date, they are busy working on having more athletic facilities that will allow them to widen their horizon in athletics. In addition to these, they also offer sports activities in the intramural level.
Official Sports Team: Bears

The sports team of the Baton Rouge Community College is called the Bears. Because of the college’s accreditation with the Division I of the NCAA, the Bears are given the opportunity to compete with the other members of this sports organization. The team works hard to achieve their goals in athletics and aims to become the best in the fields they partake in.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Baton Rouge Community College

Student-athletes who have shown talents in the field of play and in academics are given the opportunity to apply for athletic scholarships at the Baton Rouge Community College. To determine eligibility, it is advised that they speak with the coach of the sports they are a part of or would like to participate in to gather more information.
The college also offers several sponsored scholarship programs that aims to reward the hard and dedication of their students in their fields of studies and interest. Financial aid and other government awards are also available to those who are seeking for assistance in funding their goals of attaining a higher education.

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