College Basketball Scholarships and Recruiting

How do I Get a Basketball Scholarship?

Most college basketball players currently on scholarship got started with the recruiting process very early. Basketball players should begin the recruiting process by the time they are in the 9th grade, and should be continually checking-in with coaches throughout high school so that coaches can watch their development.
Learn more about the steps to take to get a basketball scholarship.


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How do I Get a Basketball Coach/Scout to Watch Me?

At the highest levels, basketball scouts begin watching players in middle school. All other coaches begin watching players by the time they are in the 9th grade. The key to getting a basketball scout to see you in person is to be sending out a great basketball highlights video and playing against the best competition.
Here are a few more things you can do.

Improve Your Chances of Getting a Basketball Scholarship

There are over 1 million men’s and women’s high school basketball players in the USA and thousands more internationally. On average, only 50,000 are able to receive basketball scholarships. Having a high quality skills and highlight videos is a prerequisite to having a coach interested in recruiting you. To expand your probability of attaining a scholarship, implement our detailed plan.

How do I Get Recruited to Play College Basketball?

Coaches recruit the top level basketball recruits by the time they are in the 8th grade. If you want to play college basketball but haven’t been contacted by coaches on or soon after September 1st of your junior year, you have fallen way behind. Learn how to contact coaches to be successful.

What are the Academic Requirements?

Depending on your talent, coaches may be more or less flexible with the academic requirements needed to attend their university. The academic requirements to participate for NCAA and NAIA athletics can be found here.

The Average Height of College Basketball Players

These are the general guidelines for size requirements coaches look for in a basketball player. If you fall outside of these marks it doesn’t mean you can’t play at that level only that it might be more difficult.

Men’s Basketball

Point Guard 6’1+ 6’0+ 5’10+ 5’9+
Shooting Guard 6’3+ 6’2+ 6’0+ 5’10+
Small Forward 6’5+ 6’4+ 6’3+ 6’3+
Power Forward 6’7+ 6’6+ 6’5+ 6’4+
Center 6’9+ 6’8+ 6’7+ 6’6+

Women’s Basketball

Point Guard 5’8”+ 5’6”+ 5’5”+ 5’6”+
Shooting Guard 5’10”+ 5’8”+ 5’6”+ 5’8”+
Small Forward 5’11”+ 5’10”+ 5’8”+ 5’9”+
Power Forward 6’0+ 5’11”+ 5’9”+ 5’10”+
Center 6’2”+ 6’0”+ 5’11”+ 5’11”+

There isn’t a specific requirement with statistics because everything depends on what type of competition an athlete is playing against. An athlete in a weak division that scores 25+ PPG can be less talented than another athlete who scores only 15 PPG but plays in a higher division.

How Many Scholarships for Each Team?

College basketball scholarships are offered at the NCAA Division 1, NCAA Division 2, NJCAA, and NAIA levels. NCAA Division 3 does not offer athletic scholarships but offers other forms of financial aid.The number of scholarships available is based on a fully funded program. Not all schools offer the maximum number of scholarships. Also, some schools have restrictions on scholarship use for out of state and international athletes.

Here is the total number of basketball programs at each division level.

Men’s Basketball. Male Basketball Scholarships

NCAA D1: 344
NCAA D2: 282
*NCAA D3: 403
NAIA: 255
NJCAA: 560
Total: 1,844

Women’s Basketball. Female Basketball Scholarships

NCAA D1: 335
NCAA D2: 298
*NCAA D3: 426
NAIA: 256
NJCAA: 519
Total: 1,834

*NCAA Division 3 schools do not offer athletic scholarships, but do offer other forms of financial aid.

Not all colleges that are eligible to offer scholarships will choose to do so. For example, Ivy League schools choose not to offer athletic scholarships.

Basketball is a head count sport for both men and women in NCAA D1, which means all scholarships are full-ride scholarships. In all other divisions, basketball is classed as an equivalency sport, which means that coaches can divide the value of the total scholarships allotted to them between as many players as they see fit.

Men’s Basketball

NCAA D1: 13
NCAA D2: 10
NAIA: 17

Women’s Basketball

NCAA D1: 15
NCAA D2: 10
NAIA: 11/6
NJCAA: 15/10/0

IMPORTANT: NAIA Rule Changes. You must now register with the NAIA Clearinghouse.

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