Augsburg College-Athletic Scholarships.

The Augsburg College is a liberal arts private institution for higher learning. The school is situated in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They currently accept more than 3,800 students each year and has been noted for combining community service with their academic programs. Because of this, they have been awarded the Presidential Award in 2010. They offer a number of programs that will lead to a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree. They also have one post graduate degree program in Nursing.

Athletics Department of Augsburg College

The athletics department of the Augsburg College is passionate in their aim to keep the school tradition of producing champion athletes. They closely monitor the performance of their team members to make sure that they are able to maximize their athletic training while performing well in the classroom. They actively recruit new talents and selects only the strongest and the ones who have shown potential. Because of these, their roster of teams has continued to make a name in intercollegiate sports.

The department does their best to gather the needed funds to make sure that they are able to give all the things their players need during practice and during competition.

Athletic Programs of Augsburg College

The sponsored athletic programs of the Augsburg College include sports like men’s wrestling, baseball, men’s track and field, men’s basketball, men’s soccer, men’s cross country, men’s ice hockey, football, men’s golf, women’s volleyball, women’s basketball, women’s track and field, women’s cross country, women’s swimming and diving, women’s golf, women’s softball, women’s ice hockey, women’s lacrosse and women’s soccer.

The college also offers intramural sports programs and several recreational and fitness programs to their students. Because of this, they are able to greatly improve their educational experience and promote the college spirit.

Official Sports Team: Auggies

The sports team of the Augsburg College is known as the Auggies. Their participation in college sports has earned them the recognition of their athletic organization and the respect of their fellow athletes. Most of their sports teams have won several championship titles and have reached the highest level of competition. Their most successful team is the wrestling team who has won a total of 11 championship games.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Augsburg College

The Augsburg College does not offer athletic scholarships due to their membership in the Division III of the NCAA. However, they have always been keen on rewarding their students who have shown potential in academics, service, leadership and other extra curricular activities. Currently, they offer incoming and current students with awards that will help them settle their obligations with the tuition and fees. For this reason, their student-athletes work hard to perform outside athletics and aims to gather the support they need through their other talents. In addition to the school sponsored grants, students also have the option to apply for external scholarships and Financial aid.

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