About Atlanta Metropolitan College

The Atlanta Metropolitan College is a state college in the southwest part of the state of Atlanta. They were formerly called a junior college before achieving their current status. They offer a wide range of two year programs, certificate programs, a baccalaureate program and features an online learning facility. Their programs include: African-American Studies, History, Recreation, Health and Physical Education, Sociology, Teacher Education, Social Work, General Studies and many more.

Athletics Department of Atlanta Metropolitan College

The athletics department of the Atlanta Metropolitan College aims to enhance the learning experience of their students through their participation in sports. With this in mind, they provide them with the needed help to succeed in the field of play and excel in the classroom. Though they are a relatively small department, they try to reach out the to the other members of the student body by gathering their support during the playoffs and engaging them in several physical activities that will give them the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle.

Athletic Programs of Atlanta Metropolitan College

The Atlanta Metropolitan College only offers two Athletic Programs: men’s basketball and women’s basketball. Though this is the case, the college has not advised that they would like to add more to their list of sponsored sports. What they are aiming is to continue their great performance in these fields and help their athletes transfer to four year institutions and continue with their participation in athletics.

The school also offers other physical activities. They actively invite them to be a part of a club or student organization and enjoy their college experience.

Official Sports Team: Trailblazers and Lady Trailblazers

The official nickname of the sports team of the Atlanta Metropolitan College is the Trailblazers and Lady Trailblazers. They were formerly known as the Panthers before changing to their current name. Though they are a small team, the Trailblazers has proven their worth because of their capability in competing at the highest level of each game and has taken home several championship titles.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Atlanta Metropolitan College

The Atlanta Metropolitan College is passionate in helping their students find a support program in order for them to achieve their desire of acquiring a college education. Students are recommended to reach out to the Financial Aid Office to gather the needed information and assistance in lodging an application. Because of their efforts, many of their enrollees are able to gather the funds they need to pay for their tuition and other fees. They also give out information on how a learner can enter a student loan program should they fail to meet the criteria of getting an aid from the government.

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