About Arkansas State University

Public educational institution Arkansas State University is a leader in the Arkansas State University System and is also the second largest university in the state in terms of enrollees. A positive paradox, its campus lies at the heart of the Mid-South with a diverse cultural mix and rich history of the Delta and make the university proud of their past yet forward directed to the future. A rich mix of faculty, students and staff comprises the Arkansas State population. The quality of education is time tested by a century of providing degree programs that has been constantly upgraded to the needs of the times. Qualified and confident, the students step out of their classrooms as professionals prepared to become leaders in their chosen field and be assets to their communities. ASU is accredited by the Regional Institution Creditor and by the Higher Learning Commission North Central Association.

Athletics Department of Arkansas State University

The athletics department of Arkansas State University promotes programs for sports, recreation, and fitness as a means to encourage all students to be physically fit even if they do not belong to the varsity teams. An alternative activity for students who are not keen on joining rigorous athletics sports team are satisfied with the fun and friendly atmosphere of intramural activities can participate in flag football, badminton, table tennis, volleyball, indoor and outdoor soccer, softball, kickball, ultimate football, mini golf, bowling, ultimate Frisbee, dodgeball, wiffle ball, floor hockey, Texas hold ‘EM, basketball, Kan Jam, and Bracketology. In terms of fitness, students can join programs like fitness classes, fitness challenges, nutrition programs, weight loss activities, and training/fitness with a personal trainer. The Red W. O. L. F. center provides the venue for these programs. ASU believes in the healthiness of the body as well as the mind in order to achieve good academic results.

Athletic Programs of Arkansas State University

The athletic programs of Arkansas State University concentrate mainly on the sports teams that represent the school in tournaments and other sports meets and invitations. Arkansas State supports 16 formal sports teams, including football, cross country, basketball, golf, indoor track, outdoor track and baseball for men; women athletes compete in soccer, outdoor track, cross country, indoor track, bowling, tennis, basketball, volleyball and golf. ASU is bracketed in the strong Division I of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and also competes in the Sun Belt Conference. The school athletes’ welfare is taken care by the Intercollegiate Athletics Committee, which was primarily formed to oversee the well being of the athletes.

OFFICIAL SPORTS TEAM: Arkansas State University Red Wolves

To honor Arkansas State University Red Wolves for their effort, gallantry in sport, and sportsmanlike attitude, the university created the “State Awards” which is made for recognizing athletic excellence. The inaugural event was held in 2013 and the first to be presented with honors were the women’s basketball, cross country, soccer, tennis and the men’s cross country, and football teams for winning the Sun Belt Conference Team GPA award, followed by the women’s indoor track & field team for bagging the Sun Belt Conference Championships and the men’s basketball team for claiming the league’s West Division title. Credit was given to the women’s bowling team for advancing to the NCAA Championships. Prestigious individual titles were captured by ASU students, including the Terry Gwin Award and the Scott & Kay Dawson Ambassador Award.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Arkansas State University

All students at Arkansas State University are given the chance to obtain a college education through different kinds of scholarships and aid programs. Privately funded scholarships and institutional scholarships form the backbone of Arkansas State’s student support, and about 90% of its student population depends on loans and grants. The Arkansas State University Foundation administers these scholarships, including the ASTATE Scholar, ASTATE Leadership, and the ASTATE Pride to name a few. With a dedicated staff and counselors, the university provides sound advice and guidance to parents and students in determining the best alternative for them.

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