Arizona State University

Arizona State University ranks among the world’s top 100 universities in 2013. It has been noted for being the most advanced in merging the boundaries between and among academic fields. ASU’s research endeavors are top opportunities to discovery and innovation, zeroing into a range of problems and fusing various disciplines to create viable solutions.

Research in Arizona State University engineers a unique academic experience among students and faculty in the university. It pursues studies that contribute to the public good, responsible for the socio-economic and cultural life of its own and neighboring communities. Arizona State University colleges, schools and institutes include the arts and sciences, business, design and the arts, education, engineering, journalism law, public programs and graduate studies.

Athletics Department of Arizona State University

The athletics department of Arizona State University works for sustainable practices. Sun Devil athletics was named one of the top ten athletics departments for sustainability, honored for its use of solar power in providing energy to its sporting facilities and to other ASU campuses.

Arizona State University complies with the rules and regulations of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and PAC-12 rules in ensuring the welfare of its student-athletes, faculty, sports personnel, support groups, fans and friends. ASU’s compliance efforts act as a resource of solutions to compliance issues. This also helps the university monitor the activities of the athletics department in critical areas like amateurism, benefits, eligibility certification, financial aid, playing and practice season limitations and recruitment to name a few.

The office aims to carry out a positive compliance atmosphere and demonstrates commitment to highest standards of behavior. Arizona State University student-athletes who would like to compete in the intercollegiate athletics must register with the NCAA Eligibility Clearinghouse, in order to be able to play in athletics competitions.

Athletic Programs of Arizona State University

Arizona State University athletic programs promote sports like men’s basketball, baseball, cross country, golf, football, swimming and diving, wrestling and track and field. Sports for women are cross country, basketball, golf, sand volleyball, gymnastics, soccer, swimming and diving and softball.


The Arizona State University Sun Devils has notable achievements. It has 23 NCAA team national championships, specifically in baseball, women’s tennis, men’s gymnastics, men’s track and field, men’s indoor track and field, women’s outdoor track and field, wrestling, men’s golf, women’s golf, softball and women’s swimming and diving. ASU also has to its credit individual NCAA national champions in various sports.

The Arizona State University Sun Devils also won championships in men’s and women’s archery, mixed archery, men’s and women’s badminton and mixed badminton, all recognized by the NCAA. Arizona State University’s rugby program, a non-varsity sport, has been played in various sports conferences and has been successful with the highest profile college rugby tournament in the country.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships for Arizona State University

Arizona State University has a number of scholarships available to qualified students. The New American University Scholarship is given to highly accomplished students who match the university’s quest for excellence. The Barack Obama Scholars program promotes equal access to education among all qualified residents of Arizona.

The Arizona State University Freshman Merit Scholarship Estimator requires information on an applicant’s class rank, GPA, and SAT or ACT score. College and Departmental Scholarship programs are also available.

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