About Arizona Christian University

The Arizona Christian University as it is known today has evolved from a dynamic educational perspective since it was founded under the leadership of Baptist pastors and has expanded its educational and ministerial mission since then. Arizona Christian has kept its main crusade of providing biblically integrated education to prepare students for a professional career and Christian service; despite all the major changes it has undergone including expansion and building of new facilities, addition and enhancements of majors and degree programs, creating a successful athletic program, developing community service projects, and keeping pace with cutting edge technological innovations. ACU is a regionally accredited institution with rigorous academic standards and offers a selection of degree programs, honors courses, opportunities for internships, and multiple pre-professional tracks in pre-law and pre-med. The Higher Learning Commission and the North Central Association are some of the prestigious accrediting institutions that have stamped their high approval on ACU standards,

Athletics Department of Arizona Christian University

The students of the Arizona Christian University are active and lively, thanks to the athletics department, which supports not only the student-athletes, but all casual activities designed for participants who enjoy recreational sports, being fit and healthy, and having an improved social life. The fun begins with ACU intramural sports, which is scheduled to regularly cover just about any activity from dodgeball to basketball. School facilities are maximized through events and programs initiated by the students and aided by the department that deals with health and fitness.

Athletic Programs of Arizona Christian University

The athletic programs of Arizona State University support men and women athletes and the sports they are engaged in, including baseball, basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, tennis and track & field for men and basketball, cross country, golf, soccer, softball, tennis, track & field and volleyball for women. The sports teams of Arizona State regularly participate in exhibition games and other minor events and its main concentration is on the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (ACU) and National Christian College Athletic Association, where it is a Division I tier.

OFFICIAL SPORTS TEAM: Arizona Christian University Firestorm

Looking forward to a torching intercollegiate sports campaign, Arizona, Christian University, aptly names their official sports team as the ‘Firestorm’ and is unique among the colleges. The mascot Phoenix bird represents the location of the school and the re-birth of the college and its Christian values. The mascot is separate from the official name of the team. With new-found inspiration and strong support and cheers from loyal student-fans, the Firestorm men’s basketball team recently achieved the improbable and historic win against an NCAA Division I team, the Northern Arizona University, with their inspired and heads-up ball game. In 2013, the ACU Firestorm was nationally ranked for the first time by the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Arizona Christian University

A helping Christian culture enables Arizona Christian University to assist students obtain a degree in whatever circumstance they are in. The four types of aid available are scholarships, aid which does not have to be repaid; grants, aid awarded by the government and need no repayment; loans, financial aid that must be repaid after graduation; and veteran’s benefits. Most notable of the scholarships are the President’s Scholarship and the Honors Scholarship. A Christian inspired scholarship is the Faith & Service Scholarships. Several grants are available to eligible need-based undergraduates, including the Federal Pell Grant Program, Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant and the Federal TEACH Grant.

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