About Alpena Community College

Located in Alpena, Michigan, with perfect settings for campus activities, Alpena Community College aims to provide educational opportunities through efficient and useful stewardship of their resources. The courses they offer are comprehensive and could lead to immediate employment or the student can decide to pursue higher learning utilizing them as base education program equivalent to freshman and sophomore credit in a four-year course. The programs of study include Associate in Applied Sciences, Associate in Arts, Associate in General Studies, and Associate in Science. A specialized occupational training degree, Certificate of Achievement is also part of the program. Aside from the five main programs of study, vocational and technical programs, dual-enrollment, distance learning, cooperative on-campus four-year degree, and continuing education programs are also available.

Athletics Department of Alpena Community College

In order to give non-athlete students a chance to be physically fit, the Athletics Department of Alpena Community College created intramural programs that promote team sports for fun and friendly competition. Among the sports in this program are softball, floor hockey, bowling, basketball, volleyball, flag football and others. Aside from the health benefits, students develop camaraderie and sportsmanship among themselves and provide a refreshing break from their demanding academic activities. Student-athletes, who are disallowed to join intramurals, can show their athletic prowess in intercollegiate sports competition. All students, however, including the public, can avail of the Wellness Center, a fitness place with a variety of the latest cardiovascular, weight training and monitoring equipments.

Athletic Programs of Alpena Community College

Joining and preparing for intercollegiate sports competitions is an integral component of the athletic programs of Alpena Community College. ACC formed competitive sports team in basketball and cross country for men and for the women, the softball, basketball, and volleyball team. The college sports teams belong to the Eastern Division of the Michigan Community College Athletic Association. A sound recruitment program enables the college to regularly beef up the roster of their teams. The head coach is crucial in the final selection of the athletes.

Official Sports Team: Alpena Community College Lumberjacks

Male athletes of the official sports team are also known as Lumberjacks while their female counterparts are called Ladyjacks. All the athletes, together with the athletic director, head coaches, trainers, and staff utilizes their available resources, skills and talent to produce exciting and respectable scores to their ever loyal sports fans. True to the real meaning of the word “amateur”, their love for the sports sparks their games.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Alpena Community College

Through the generous efforts of individuals, corporations, service clubs, organizations and foundations, Alpena Community College are able to generate a variety of scholarships that give recognition to academic merit and achievement, leadership ability, exemplary student accomplishments and provide needed assistance to less financially capable students. These donors, like the community of Michigan, which sponsors the State of Michigan Scholarships and Michigan Rehabilitation Services, established the criteria for the selection of scholars. The base all the financial aid of the college is the Federal Pell Grant. A grant which helps a student from school interruption due to lack of finances is the Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grant. The Federal College Work-Study Program gives employment opportunities for students to earn and support their college education. There are many more programs available that the college staff can discuss with the students and parents.

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