About Allen County Community College

Allen Community College, previously called Allen County Community College, is a two-year junior college, whose two unique campuses are located conveniently in Kansas. The college provides quality education and support services in a wide range of programs to accommodate various students to attain their academic, career, and personal aspirations. The types of students are new, high school, visiting, adult, working and healthcare. Aside from campus learning, Allen provides online and community sites learning as additional options. The college offers degree in Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of General Studies, Associate of Applied Science, Career and Technical Education Certificates.

Athletics Department of Allen County Community College

Physical fitness is a priority in the Athletics Department of Allen County Community College. By providing fitness facilities like the outdoor walking trail, a modern indoor fitness center, and a large indoor activity building, the commitment to fitness is sustained. Recreational sports are also encouraged among non-varsity students as it is not only competing athletes who needs a balanced healthy life. Indoor and outdoor facilities are provided by the college for this purpose.

Allen County Community College, through its Athletics Department, offers excellent opportunities for student-athletes to compete in intercollegiate sports events and to fulfill their athletic and academic aspirations. The scope of their athletic programs is comprehensive; to aim for sports titles today and to become career leaders in the future. Allen Red Devils team is affiliated with the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) and regularly competes at the prestigious Jayhawk Community College Conference. In addition to Cheerleading and Dance teams, the department supports teams in Baseball, Basketball (Men & Women), Cross Country (Men & Women), Golf, Soccer (Men & Women), Softball, Track & Field (Men & Women), and Volleyball.

Official Sports Team: Allen County Community College Red Devils

The College Red Devils are the teams that represent Allen County Red Devils in various sports events and competitions with National Collegiate Athletic Association and Jayhawk Community College Conference being the major ones. Being awarded with team and individual honors are shared among the entire school and the athletic composition and serves as inspiration. Honors received in 2013 alone include NJCAA All Academic Selection in both men’s and women’s basketball, NCAA All Academic Selection and KJCC All-Conference Team in baseball and softball.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Allen County Community College

The commitment to assist students attain their degree is evident with the various scholarships offered by Allen County Community College. And with the belief that a college education should be a total enrichment experience, the college generously awards activity scholarships, athletic scholarship aside for academic scholarships. Art scholarship includes Academic Challenge Team, Production Media, Journalism and others. Music scholarship covers Student Ambassador Program, Theater, and others Athletic scholarship is available for sports competing for the college in intercollegiate tournaments and is available for men and women. Academic scholarships are provided by the college, individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations. Allen Scholarship, Kessinger Scholarship and Seabury Scholarship and other scholarships recognize the value of academic excellence to produce future leaders in the community.

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