About Alice Lloyd College

Liberal arts educator Alice Lloyd College, located in Pippa Passes, which is in Knott County, Kentucky, offers quality education with a guaranteed cost of tuition for 108 counties in Central Appalachia. Students benefit from character-based education, service learning, working for their education, not paying tuition, graduate debt free and financial assistance for Graduate School. A comprehensively educated graduate of Alice Lloyd has a deep understanding of the arts and sciences, and purposeful leadership to produce results in the community. Fields such as medicine, law, politics, education and business have seen the rise of these graduates.

Athletics Department of Alice Lloyd College

The Athletics Department of Alice Lloyd College has devised a program to include sports, recreation and fitness and will enable athletes and non-athletes maintain a healthy life balance. With several activity options available, including gym sessions, intramurals, recreational games for non-varsity and competitive sports for athletes, the student can choose the activity best suited to his level. Alice Lloyd College (ALC) has numerous sports facilities well placed inside the campus and has free, scheduled access to students. Among the facilities, the Grady Nutt Athletic Center has a gymnasium and swimming pool. The Reeve Athletic Field is the site for baseball home games. Two championship tennis courts for sports and recreation use are available at the Tennis Courts. A state-of-the-art fitness center, Weight Room, is complete with free weights, Nautilus fitness equipment, aerobic area and cardio machine.

Athletic Programs of Alice Lloyd College

The Athletic Programs of Alice Lloyd College strives to form competitive teams that will represent the school in various intercollegiate leagues and events, without compromising the academics of student-athletes, The Men’s sport includes Basketball. Baseball, Cross Country, Tennis and Golf and the women-athletes have teams in Basketball, Softball, Cross Country, Tennis, Volleyball, Cheerleading, and Dance. The college is a member of Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (KIAC) and National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA). To maintain or upgrade the teams’ roster quality, scouting is done through regular tryouts for athletes, especially with fresh from high school students.

Official Sports Team: Alice Lloyd College Eagles

The official sports team is popularly known as Alice Lloyd Eagles. As the moniker implies, the Eagles play their hearts during intercollegiate games. This earned them the respect and admiration of their sports fans who cheer wildly at the sidelines, mindful more of how the games are played rather than the results. Win or lose, these followers are always supportive of the team. Recent successes for the Eagles in team and individual categories include runner up finish by the women’s basketball team in the 2012 Kentucky Intercollegiate Athletics Conference, and individual honors by two eagles in the 2013 United States College Athletics Association ( USCAA} All-American honors in baseball.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Alice Lloyd College

The Caney Scholars Program is the flagship scholarship offering of Alice Lloyd College. A one of a kind scholarship program in the nation, financial support is extended to graduates seeking advanced degrees. For incoming freshman, there is a long list of scholarships to choose from, depending on the qualification and the needs of the student. The Sarah Morrison Shelton Endowed Scholarship, John G. Schwartz Endowed Scholarship, and Robert and Sharon Wilhelm Endowed Scholarship are three of the many individual-sponsored programs. Corporate, institutional and organizational funded scholarships are also available. Alice Lloyds’ generous scholarships in partnership with the private and public sectors are widely recognized by the educational industry, having voted it #2 in Great Schools, Great Prices and #2 also in Graduating Students with the Least Amount of Debt in national surveys.

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