Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Athletic Scholarships

About The College

Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, also known as ABAC, is proud to be a unit member of the University System of Georgia, and has the distinction of being one of the prime colleges in that state. It is located strategically on a 516 acre Georgia countryside in Tifton with sunny weather and green surroundings conducive to learning and campus outdoor activities. With thousands of students, including those from across the globe, the quality, practical education is shared among a diverse group making for a healthy mix. ABAC offers baccalaureate and associate degrees. Student organizations are abundant and student members are actively participating to develop a more meaningful connection with their college through music programs, intercollegiate and intramural athletic competitions, and other areas of interests.

Athletics Department of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

Students and athletes can take advantage of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College’s first class university system athletic facilities. Whether being active is for leisure or competitive purpose, the campus is equipped with 2 gymnasiums, a golf driving range and putting green, an Olympic-sized pool, weight room, 12 lighted tennis courts and more, giving ample chances and choice for students to indulge in sports activities. By providing a recreational and athletic sports director, the athletic needs of both groups are further addressed. Additionally, expert trainers and supervisors in Aquatics, Baseball, Golf, Soccer, Softball, and Tennis are made available for safe activity and professional management.

Athletic Programs of Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

To maintain the competitiveness and success in inter university sports competition, Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College makes conscious efforts to strengthen its athletic programs. Only reputable and qualified coaches and trainers are hired in sports where it excels. The college supports the men’s team in tennis, baseball and golf and women’s team in softball, soccer and tennis. These are sports where it is championship caliber. To beef up its baseball and softball team roster it holds prospective camps and tryouts to scout new talents, and its tennis teams are never short of practice since it has the Forest Lakes course available all year round.

Official Sports Team: Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Golden Stallions

The Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College Golden Stallions are proud winners of five national championships. In all their competition in various sports they bring thrill and excitement to fans and spectators with their fighting attitude, honed skills, and sportsmanship. Whether tennis, baseball or golf arena in men’s sports or softball, soccer or tennis for women’s, they perform at peak capacities in high levels of competitions as testament to their well planned and coordinated training programs and expert coaching staff.

Guide to Athletic Scholarships at Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College

A generous number of scholarship grants are handled by ABAC (Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College) Foundation in both academic and athletic fields with the support of generous donors. Some student-athletes are directly recruited right after graduating from high school like the case of Coca Cola/ABAC High School Athletic scholarship. Recipients of the scholarship are carefully screened by the ABAC Athletic Director using athletic and academic achievement as the main barometer. Sports competitions where the college competes regularly are baseball, men’s golf, men’s tennis, softball, women’s soccer and women’s tennis. Try-outs for these sports are scheduled when the need to fill up their roster arises.

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