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NCSA Athletic Recruiting (NCSA)

NCSA Athletic Recruiting

NCSA ( is the world’s largest and most successful collegiate athletic recruiting network. Their team of 800+ recruiting experts, including many former college coaches and athletes, leverages nearly two decades of exclusive data, proprietary matching algorithms, and personal relationships to connect tens of thousands of student-athletes each year to more than 35,000 college coaches nationwide across 34 sports. NCSA is dedicated to helping every student-athlete find their best path to college.


Founded by the one of the biggest names in US Diving, Dr. Ron O’Brien, this is a completely free service. Athletes and coaches create online profiles and can search for opportunities that will be the right fit for the coach and athlete. You also get the added resource of Dr. O’Brien who does answer recruits questions.

Ivy Recruiting

Started in 2003 by Tom Chandler, Ivy Recruiting specializes in getting athletes recruited to the top 50 academic and liberal arts universities in the country. Tom Chandler has over 22 years experience as the distract enrollment director for Dartmouth College and has helped hundreds of athletes get accepted by some of the top Universities in the country.

BASELINE – Athletic Productivity

Baseline connects the sports world with the online world to help athletes train, perform and develop both on and off the court and field. Created to facilitate communication between coaches and athletes, Baseline provides users with tools and applications, such as Baseline’s interactive training journal, to fuel the growth of athletes using the latest Internet technology. Baseline is easily accessible online, 24/7, so that players and coaches can promote and monitor development, diet, schedules, goals and results.

 The Dominant 1

TD1 The Dominant One Athlete Challenge is a non-profit organization that focuses on athlete development on and off the field.  The program trains and develops athletes in nutrition, steroid-abuse, community service, and physical growth.  The Challenge is 10-weeks with different tasks to be completed along the way testing the athletes knowledge, character, and physical skill.  The Challenge will culminate with an elimination tournament pitting the top 20 athletes in America against each other for a $50,000 grand prize college scholarship and up to $100,000 in total prizes handed out.  Are you The Dominant 1?

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