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New NCAA Interp Limits Which Clinics Coaches Can Attend

Yesterday the Division I Legislative Review and Interpretations Committee issued an official interpretation regarding which coaching clinics college coaches could attend:

The committee determined that an athletics department staff member may not be employed (either on a salaried or a volunteer basis) in any capacity by a coaches clinic established, sponsored or conducted by an individual or organization that provides recruiting or scouting services concerning prospective student-athletes, even if prospective student athletes are not involved in the coaches clinic.

The interp cites Bylaw, which prohibits coaches’ attendance at camps and clinics operated by recruiting or scouting services. The interp expands this prohibition to include not just a camp or combine for prospects but clinics where no prospects are presents.

The bigger theme is that the NCAA is continually limiting the relationship between Division I institutions and recruiting/scouting services. Anything that is not paying for reports and video of prospects has been or may possibly be prohibited in the future. How much of an impact this specific interpretation has will depend on how many coaching clinics were operated by recruiting services and how many coaches attended them.

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