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UNLV Needs Good APR Score in 2012-13 to Avoid Bowl Ban

Taylor Bern of the Las Vegas Sun:

On Tuesday, [UNLV athletic director Tina] Kunzer-Murphy shared the following statement: “We are engaged in the APR process ahead of the June release by the NCAA. It’s an on-going process and there is nothing definitive to report at this point. We will have no further comment until the process is complete.”

UNLV’s most recent multiyear Academic Progress Rate score in football was a 932. To avoid a postseason ban in 2014–15, UNLV football needs to post a four-year score of 930 or higher or a two-year score of 940 or higher. The 932 in 2011–12 is composed of the following single-year rates:

  • 2008–09: 958
  • 2009–10: 948
  • 2010–11: 935
  • 2011–12: 891

So not only does UNLV have to carry its 891 score for three more years including the 2012–13 score, it will drop the highest score in its most recent multiyear rate.

Just taking a simple average of single-year APR scores, UNLV would need a 946 or better to get to a multi-year rate of 930. However, the multiyear APR rate is not an average of the four most recent single-year scores. It is the total of all points earned by the team in the last four years divided by the points possible in the last four years, after all execptions and adjustments are applied. Depending on the different cohort sizes over the last four years, the best estimate would be that UNLV needs a score in the mid to high 940’s to be eligible for a bowl next year.

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