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DIII Emory & Henry Under NCAA Investigation

Evan Williamson of the Emory and Henry Campus newspaper, the Whitetopper:

The Emory & Henry College Athletic Department is currently under investigation by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) regarding possible improper benefits to student athletes.

The Emory & Henry football program is suspected to have violated NCAA Division III bylaws by providing and promising extra financial incentives to athletes which are being categorized as a “lack of institutional control” in the athletics department, according to an affiliate of the College.

The extra financial incentives include a “coaches scholarship” that may be considered an athletic scholarship and the promise of an apartment to a football player.

If a charge of lack of institutional control is being talked about, that is an indication the investigation may have been going on for a while. It might just be talk right now but typically there has to be something found first that raises the questions of institutional control.

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