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NCAA Likeness Rules Let KU’s Wesley Act But Not Promote Movie

Rustin Dodd of the Kansas City Star:

Kansas senior forward Justin Wesley was able to be cast in a lead role of the movie “Jayhawkers,” which premiered on Friday in Lawrence. He could be paid as an actor. But at the official premiere, Wesley could not say a word about his performance or the film in general.


During the playing season, the NCAA does not allow athletes to “make any endorsement, expressed or implied, of any commercial product or service.”

Dodd cites the NCAA’s rule on media appearances but promoting a movie would likely not be permitted at any time under the NCAA’s promotion and likeness limits. Interviews about the movie might be permitted but appearing in promotional materials and making more general appearances would likely be prohibited.

That could change if the NCAA takes up the most liberal of the proposed changes to the likeness rules the Amateurism Cabinet is currently considering. That option would allow athletes to be hired by companies even for jobs based on their athletic ability (like portraying athletes in a movie) and for athletes to participate in promotions for that company. They would still not be permitted to receive extra compensation for those promotional activities.

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