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Division I Board of Directors to Hear Governance Presentations

The Division I Board of Directors and Presidential Advisory Group (DI presidents from conferences not represented on the Board of Directors) will hear presentations on governance later in October. The groups represented include almost every major stakeholder in college athletics:

  • Coaches (through coaches associations)
  • Conference commissioners (through CCA)
  • Athletic directors
  • Faculty
  • The Knight Commission
  • Compliance professionals (through NAAC)
  • Student-athletes (through SAAC)
  • Women administrators (through NACWAA)
  • Ethnic minority administrators and faculty

The only perspective the NCAA is missing are pay-for-play advocates. All of these are on one day, which means relatively short “pitches” for how Division I governance should be reshaped:

Each of the nine groups will provide a general overview of its vision for the division, and the presentations will be followed by discussion with the board and advisory group.

The point of these presentations is preparation for the Division I Governance Dialogue, a two-day long event that will be part of the NCAA Convention in San Diego on January 16–17.

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