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CCU Report Details Extra Benefit Violations

Coastal Carolina’s head men’s golf coach Allen Terrell resigned abruptly in August after NCAA violations were detailed in a report to the NCAA. The violations involved extra benefits provided to a prospect before he enrolled at CCU:

The most significant of those infractions were that Terrell gave a former student-athlete five private lessons during his senior year of high school and was not compensated, and that Terrell paid $1,000 for that same golfer to receive 10 private lessons from another local golf instructor during his senior year of high school.

The investigation started because Terrell was seen observing another prospect hitting golf balls on the practice range during an official visit. The investigation revealed that Terrell had done this on at least three other occasions. All of these are considered impermissible tryouts. That would have lead to relatively minor penalties had the institution not discovered the private lessons provided to the other prospect.

Terrell argued to the paper that he was not seeking a recruiting advantage because the prospect had already signed an NLI to attend CCU, but the NCAA is likely to find a significant competitive advantage. Providing private lessons to a prospect before he enrolls prepares him for the coach’s system and teaching style, as well as gives the coach additional time to figure out what coaching the prospect needs.

Costal Carolina imposed penalties of a six-week ban on in-person recruiting and a reduction of six practice days. New coach Kevin McPherson says most of the penalties have already been served. Costal Carolina is waiting on the NCAA to give word whether the violation has been accepted as a secondary violation or if additional investigation will be needed.

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