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More NCAA Trouble for West Texas A&M

After firing its head football coach and announcing an NCAA investigation into the football program in separate incidents, West Texas A&M is in more hot water with its football team. Kyle Voss, a redshirt senior linebacker will be suspended a total of four games for an NCAA violation. The university proposed a two-game suspension to the NCAA. It appears the NCAA disagreed and imposed an additional two games. But this violation  the NCAA investigation into the football program and presumably not the incident which lead to the firing of former head coach Don Carthel.

Being under NCAA investigation is never good, but troubles can be compounded when other violations occur at the same time. While West Texas A&M may be correct that all these troubles are unrelated, the NCAA may not see it that way. At some point, a number of unrelated and/or minor violations add up to stiffer penalties and charges of failure to monitor or lack of institutional control. Until the NCAA rules on all these violations, it remains to be seen whether they will lump them all together.

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