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Chris Walker Runs Out of Time To Join Gators in Fall

Four years ago, Florida men’s basketball signee Chris Walker is probably enrolled in classes right now. But Walker has run out of time to enroll for the fall semester as he tries to sort out his eligibility:

Simply put, a source said, he’s yet to finish the coursework and can’t enroll until he does.

“But he’s close,” a source said. “He should enroll and be eligible in December.”

What changed since 2009? Nontraditional courses, including online, correspondence, and independent study courses, used for initial eligibility purposes got stricter guidelines. Proposal 2009–64 added a number of requirements nontraditional courses had to meet including this one:

(f) The course includes a defined time period for completion

Gone are the days of athletes earning a semester of English in one minute. But also gone are the days of athletes putting in 18-hour days over two weeks (academically sound or not) to finish a nontraditional course. Gary Parrish’s source suggests that Walker’s coursework is going well and he will likely get the grade(s) necessary. But the new rules likely meant those courses could not be compressed into a short enough time period to get Walker eligible for the fall.

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