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Connecticut Freshman Facing "International" Eligibility Question

Incoming Connecticut men’s basketball player Kentan Facey is facing questions about his eligibility. Details are slim, but this much is known:

Apparently, Kentan Facey’s eligibility has come into question due to an issue that’s been labeled by multiple sources as “international.” The problem doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Facey’s academics or the like, but rather is a “bureaucratic” snafu of some sort.

So what would be a hold up at the NCAA Eligibility Center, would be a question that domestic athletes do not normally have to answer, and is not about the meat and potatoes of eligibility (academics, amateurism, that sort of thing)?

My best guess is that Facey’s high school timeline is the source of the problem. Facey may have started high school in Jamaica, which uses a system much like the United Kingdom and finishes much earlier than the American system. If he did in fact start high school in Jamaica, then transferred to the United States and graduated late according to his original timeline, then it would impact both his academic eligibility as well as how many seasons of competition he has left.

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