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Updates to Singapore, Sri Lanka, and Switzerland in New NCAA International Academic Guide

The NCAA released its latest update to the Guide to International Academic Standards for Athletics Eligibility. This is the definitive resource for any coach looking to recruit internationally, any compliance professional helping international students through the NCAA Eligibility Center, and any international prospective student-athlete who wants to play Division I or II college athletics. Published twice year, this most recent update had changes to just three countries. The Guide is the work of the NCAA International Student Records Committee, which researches both the documents being received by the Eligibility Center and keeps an eye on changes to international educational system. Some updates in the not-to-distant past had many changes, but this one was relatively stable. The biggest change is a new grading scale for Switzerland. On the bottom of the scale, there were no changes. Any grade less than a “4” (out of 6) from Switzerland is considered failing and no credit will be given. On the top end, the scale is a bit more forgiving. A 5.5 was considered a B but is now an A. 4.5 was a C, but is now a B. 4 is the only C grade and there is no grade in Switzerland that translates to a D. Singapore had its Category Two Documents (which count for high school graduation) reorganized a bit. Like the United Kingdom, Singapore uses an exam-based education system. Now, like the UK, students can advance their high school graduation date if they take advanced level exams. Completing two A-levels at the H1 level advances the date of graduation one year later. Completing two at the H2 or H3 levels advances graduation two years later. The final change was in Sri Lanka, where the NCAA added the advanced level of Sri Lanka’s General Certificate of Education (GCE) as a Category Two Document. All these changes are in effect now, for prospects enrolling this fall.

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