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Wyoming Self-Reports Potentially Major VB Violations

The University of Wyoming announced yesterday that it self-reported violations in its women’s volleyball program to the NCAA:

UW Athletics Director Tom Burman says the self-report involves five former members of the women’s volleyball team and their receipt of impermissible benefits during a two-year period. The total value of the impermissible benefits to all five of those student-athletes during that period is about $1,500, according to the report submitted to the NCAA. UW intends to release the self-report to the public at the conclusion of the NCAA inquiry.

The benefits are relatively minor stuff: used household goods and furniture and help finding an apartment. But the number of athletes involved, the total value of the benefits, and the length of time the benefits were provided means this will be either a very serious secondary violation or on the low end of a major violation.

Even if this is classified as a major violation, it is unlikely to be that big a deal for Wyoming. Given the self-report, a summary disposition agreement seems almost guaranteed. And any penalties would not be crippling to the Cowboy’s volleyball program or athletic department.

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