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2016 Sliding Scale is Out According to Baylor Compliance

Among the issues that the Board of Directors had to work out was opposition to some of the new initial eligibility standards which will start in 2016. Specifically, the Board of Directors was asked to eliminate or amend the new sliding GPA/test score scale which would require incoming freshmen to present a GPA .500 points higher than is current required for a given test score.

There were a number of options in front of the Board of Directors, but it appears the group has gone all the way and eliminated the sliding scale.


The 2.3 GPA minimum and core course progression requiring 10 courses before the start of a prospect’s senior year in high school remain. It also appears that the new partial qualifier status, known as an “academic redshirt” will remain as well.

This means that instead of requiring a 1080 SAT or 93 ACT with a 2.300 GPA as the minimum to play, the NCAA will now require a 900 SAT or 75 ACT with the minimum 2.300 to play. Athletes with a 2.000-2.299 GPA who still meet the current sliding scale will be academic redshirts. Same for athletes who have less than 10 core courses prior to senior year or less than seven English, math, or natural science courses prior to the same point.

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