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The NCAA Really Did Ban Hashtags

The NCAA’s Football Rules Committee issued a bulletin to football officials that appeared to come through ArbiterSports, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the NCAA which handles official scheduling among other services. The bulletin talks about Rule 1-2-1-(f) Rule 1-2-1-(h) of the Football Playing Rules which covers advertising and has this to say about social media:

All other items, including social media designations such as URL’s and hashtags, are prohibited.

So no hashtags. One problem: Rule 1-2-1-(f) is included in this heading:

Administrative rules that may be altered by game management without mutual consent include:

1-2-1-e-g, i and j

So you cannot have a hashtag on the field. Unless you are the home team and really want one.

And Rule 1-2-1-(h) cannot be changed by game management or mutual consent of the teams.

I apologize sincerely for the error.

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