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Harrow Likely to Get Waiver for Second Transfer

Harrow started his college career at North Carolina State for the 2010–11 academic year. He transferred to Kentucky and sat out the Wildcats’ run to the national championship in 2011–12. This year he started 24 times for Kentucky. At the beginning of the year Harrow left the team because his father suffered a stroke. Harrow is now transferring back home to the Atlanta area to play at Georgia State, and will request a hardship waiver to avoid sitting out this year:

Harrow said he learned from those losses that when he plays well the team will play well. He said he thought he was treated fairly at Kentucky and has nothing but positive thoughts about the school and program. He said he just needed to return home to help take care of his father, who lives in College Park.

Harrow is likely to get the waiver, especially given the new criteria passed last year:

  • An immediate family member is involved;
  • A stroke is a debilitating injury or illness; and
  • Georgia State is well within a 100-mile radius of College Park, GA

The biggest hurdle will be for Harrow to demonstrate that he will be involved in his father’s care, but that has not stopped many waivers in the past. He is likely to get the waiver and play for his third school in four years. In fact, if Harrow graduates at the end of next year, he would even be eligible for a graduate transfer waiver that could see him play each of his four seasons of competition at a different Division I school.

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