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Miami Hires NCSU’s Craig Anderson for Top Compliance Position

Miami will go to the Committee on Infractions hearing with a new head of its compliance office:

“Craig brings tremendous experience as a compliance professional, having spent several years within the ACC,” Senior Associate AD for Administration and Student Excellence Jennifer Strawley said in the statement released by UM. “He shares our philosophy that compliance focuses on building trust and operating with integrity in all we do. Craig is a rising star in the compliance profession and we are thrilled that he will be overseeing the day to day operations of our compliance staff.”

An assistant athletic director from another ACC school for an associate athletic director position is no real surprise. What is noteworthy is that it looks like Miami did not take this opportunity to reorganize its compliance office in the same way USC and Ohio State in the wake of major violations. Unless there are other moves coming, it looks like Miami’s compliance office may stay structured in a similar way.

That may already include reporting lines outside of the athletic department or additional hires coming in the near future. But there is no talk of moving athletics compliance to a central compliance office on campus, or renaming positions and titles in a less “athletic” manner, like how USC’s top compliance person is a vice president rather than an assistant or associate athletic director.

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