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NCAA Working Group Seeks Feedback on Recruiting Proposals

In what has to be a bad sign for the future of the proposals, the NCAA Division I Rules Working Group is requesting feedback regarding three of the most controversial deregulation proposals adopted by the Division I Board of Directors last month. Those proposals are:

  • Proposal 11–2, which allows any staff member to make recruiting calls;
  • Proposal 13–3, which allows unlimited phone calls to high school seniors; and
  • Proposal 13–5-A, which deregulates mailings to recruits.

According to a notice to the Division I membership, the NCAA will collect feedback from each Division I conference over the next two weeks. During that period the NCAA will also hold three conference calls to hear directly from schools. The collected feedback will be sent to the RWG.

The reason this is unusual is that the NCAA already has an ongoing process for concerns, feedback, and objections to be heard. The override process allows schools to request the proposal be reconsidered and to give comments on the proposal that are forwarded to the Board of Directors. That is especially odd given the timing. The Board of Directors does not meet again until April, and the RWG says it will consider modifications at its May 2013 meeting. But the override period ends March 20, 2013.

The most logical explanation is that the Rules Working Group is preparing for its proposals to be overriden and is anticipating changes rather than tabling the proposals or putting them to an override vote. But after the stipend battle and the fact that these proposals should have been less controversial, this is another major setback in the push to create a simpler and more effective NCAA rulebook.

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