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Male Model/College Football Player Could Be Both

Myles Crosby, a safety out of Texas, signed with Southern Methodist today. Like a lot of college football players, he will be giving up a lot to devote himself to football. But Crosby will be giving up more than most:

Crosby is a pretty well known male model. On’s rankings he’s ranked 11th among male models, what we assume to be a four-star prospect in that world. He’s pretty much the Reuben Foster of male models. We’d like to see college football recruiting experts break down that list.

Even quotes from Crosby say he is putting his modeling career on hold to play college football. If he does so, it will not be because the NCAA says he cannot do both. In fact, there is a specific NCAA bylaw that applies to Crosby: – Continuation of Modeling and Other Nonathletically Related Promotional Activities After Enrollment.

If an individual accepts remuneration for or permits the use of his or her name or picture to advertise or promote the sale or use of a commercial product or service prior to enrollment in a member institution, continued remuneration for the use of the individual’s name or picture (under the same or similar circumstances) after enrollment is permitted without jeopardizing his or her eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics only if all of the following conditions apply: (Revised: 1/14/97, 3/10/04)

(a) The individual’s involvement in this type of activity was initiated prior to his or her enrollment in a member institution;

(b) The individual became involved in such activities for reasons independent of athletics ability;

(c) No reference is made in these activities to the individual’s name or involvement in intercollegiate athletics;
(d) The individual does not endorse the commercial product; and (Revised: 3/10/04)

(e) The individual’s remuneration under such circumstances is at a rate commensurate with the individual’s skills and experience as a model or performer and is not based in any way upon the individual’s athletics ability or reputation.

Crosby’s modeling started before he enrolled (obviously). Male modeling is normally not connected to athletics ability. Fashion ads rarely even say who the model is, much less what he does in his spare time, and whether he endorses the product. And a rate commensurate with being the #11 male model would be pretty significant.

There are a number of reasons why models who become student-athletes take a break from their careers. They may choose to prioritize athletics and school, or their coach may want them to focus on their sport. But in this case it is up to Crosby and SMU, not the NCAA.

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