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Chadron State Making Changes After NCAA Investigation

Chadron State, under investigation for financial irregularities and the handling of booster funds, has ahead of its hearing with the NCAA. Some of the steps it will take include:

  • Hiring a business officer to oversee athletic department finances.
  • Hiring a full-time compliance officer to ensure the college complies with NCAA rules.
  • Reviewing policies and procedures for all three state college athletic departments and revising the policy on student organization funds.
  • Processing and recording concession sales through the state college computer system.

A school finally hiring a full-time compliance officers is not unheard of even now in Division II. It might be a little surprising considering Chadron State had a very successful football team in recent years. But Division II is currently transitioning to the idea of at least one full-time compliance officer being required; all new NCAA teams transitioning into Division II normally have to add a full-time position if they do not have one.

But not having a full-time person in charge of the money is unforgivable. Even as a smallish Division II program, Chadron State’s athletic department is still handling almost $3 million. Not having a full-time position dedicated to managing that money makes it easy to see how the football coach was able to set up a slush fund for his booster club.

Chadron State’s response to the NCAA Notice of Allegations was originally due December 17. The school is scheduled for a hearing before the DII Committee on Infractions in late February.

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