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Rules Working Group Finalizes Proposals for January

The Rules Working Group has been going back and forth with the membership and Board of Directors to narrow down proposals for the board to vote on at the NCAA convention in January. That process is over for the first phase, with the RWG forwarding the final set of proposals after their meeting this week. There are three changes from the last version:

  • Proposal RWG 13–6 was withdrawn. That proposal would have allowed recruiting advertisements.
  • Of proposals RWG 13–5-A and B, 13–5-A was selected. That proposal will seek to dramatically deregulate printed recruiting materials, while the alternative would have prohibited sending printed materials to recruits.
  • Proposal RWG 16–5 was narrowed from relatives to family members. 16–5 would allow for more miscellaneous benefits to be provided to family members.

The bigger proposals involve removing many recruiting limits and setting uniform start dates for recruiting proposals. Next year will delve into more important and controversial topics, like removing limits on food for athletes, will be taken up next year and voted on in 2014.

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