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NCAA Pilot Grant Program Awards $4.3 Million to Six Schools

Using money left over from the White Case settlement, the NCAA has awarded grants of up to $900,000 to six schools, for a total of almost $4.3 million. The money is awarded over three years, up to $300,000 per year. Institutions must match the money, from 25% in the first year to 75% in the final year. The money is specifically designated for academic programs:

Over the next three years, the grant program pilot funds will be used to support new programming and expand existing programs through initiatives such as summer bridge programs, summer financial aid, and mentoring and tutoring. Institutions will also use the funds to add additional academic staff and technology.

The money is designed to help low-resource institutions meet APR benchmarks. The pool of eligible schools were those that were not in FBS and considered to be in the bottom 10% of resources based on several factors. Since this is being called a pilot program, the expectation seems to be that if it is successful, it will be expanded either during or after the initial three year period, hopefully with additional funds to include more institutions.

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